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Shops & Restaurants

Within the museum building, the first floor comprises the official Museum Shop, the Rōji Tempo stores rebuilt in the Kyoto machiya-style of the late Edo Period. In the Museum Annex, formerly the Kyoto Branch of the Japan Bank and now a registered national Important Cultural Property you’ll find the Bekkan Tempo restored Western-style buildings of the Meiji Era. There’s also a café in the renovated vault. Enjoy the flavors of Kyoto and a spot of shopping as you savor the architectural beauty of the city’s yesteryear.

Roji Tempo

Kyotanzan Sake
Kyotanzan- a product of the freshest mountain water, fertile lands, and traditional brewing techniques guarded closely over time. Take the time to sample some of the region’s finest sake.
Open: 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm for the time being
Phone: 075-255-6165

Quality Japanese paper
At Rakushinkan you’ll find the finest in Japanese washi and Western-style yōshi paper, both hand- and machine-pressed. Stocking a range of paper products including writing paper, letter sets, postcards, and small pouches.
Open: 10:00 am ~ 5:30 pm for the time being
Phone: 075-251-0078


Maeda’s Coffee
House-roasted coffee of the highest quality and generous homemade lunches and a range of cakes and sweets.
Open: 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm (last order 5:30 pm)for the time being
Phone: 075-255-1221

JARFO Kyo・Bunpaku Luck
With 20 years’ experience linking craftspeople, with customers and business, in Japan and worldwide, JARFO’s Museum of Kyoto space is dedicated to promoting arts and crafts through its Inter-art programs.
Open: 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Phone: 075-222-0302

Japanese fabrics and souvenirs
Elegant tenugui and furoshiki cloth wraps are a speciality. With chirimen silk, tabi socks, and a range of fabrics to color your everyday life, Kurochiku is a born and bred Kyoto store like no other.
Open: 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm for the time being
Phone: 075-212-4506

Tonimaru Café and Candy Shop
Famous for its ‘secret sweets’, including the Kyoto hiyashi-ame parfait and a range of sweets made with expertly made candy syrup, Tonimaru also stocks a range of cakes and sweets featuring Uji’s renowned matcha tea. Lunch menus with a choice of main dish are another highlight. Of course, a range of local Kyo-ame candy are available.
Open: 11:00 am ~ 6:00 pm for the time being
Phone: 075-221-8101