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Tonimaru Café and Candy Shop


“Tonimaru Café and Candy Shop” offers a wide variety of sweets, focusing on its signature item “Hiyashi-ame (chilled mixed malt syrup)” and various sweet dishes made with the syrup, such as “Kyo-no Hiyashi-ame Parfait”, the candy shop’s specialty “Himitsu (secret) syrup”, and other popular goodies made with green tea from the most famous home of the tea, Uji. A lunch menu with a selection of entrees is also available at lunch time.

The adjacent goods shop sells items such as “Tonimaru’s Hiyashi-ame” and the “Iromusubi” series (27 items in total).
As the Uji-based information provider of Kyoto, we intend to present more information on seasonal products, new products and menus, and the new potential of the traditional “Kyoto Ame” candies we create.

TEL 075-221-8101
Business Hours: 11am to 6pm (for the time being)
Closed: Mondays

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Recommended Menu

■Tonimaru Lunch

Choose an entrée from the selection of four.


Ginger-spiced traditional beverage served cold.

■Hiyashi-ame Parfait

A new parfait with Hiyashi-ame ice cream. Refreshing.

■Warabi-mochi Parfait

A popular parfait menu with homemade warabi-mochi (bracken-starch dumplings) and plenty of green tea.

■Azumaya Set

A value set to enjoy both green tea parfait and warabi-mochi.