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General Exhibition

The General Exhibition Hall presents a wide variety of exhibitions on Kyoto’s history, arts and crafts from various perspectives. The 2nd floor Exhibition Hall introduces the appeal of “Honmamon (literary, ‘the real thing’)” such as masterpieces associated with Kyoto through versatile special exhibitions. The floor also features an educational section where visitors can learn about the history of the city from the Heian period (8th to 12th century) to the Meiji/Taisho period (late 19th to early 20th century) by experiencing the daily lives of Kyoto people and what the city looked like then through impressive large video displays. The 3rd floor Exhibition Hall holds large-scale special exhibitions focusing on the historical and cultural aspects of Kyoto.


Murasaki Shikibu and "The Tale of Genji" Exhibition

This exhibition illustrates the time of Murasaki Shikibu's life through historical resources and displays artworks created in connection with her novel, such as the important cultural property “Genji Monogatari (Oshima-bon)”. Enjoy the universe created by the tale and related artworks.

2024.2.10(Sat) 〜 4.7(Sun)



Exquisite Hina doll exhibition

This year’s exhibition includes many fine works of the Hina Ningyo dolls from the Kyoto Prefectural Collection.

2024.2.24(Sat) 〜 4.7(Sun)