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Special Exhibition

Exhibitions are held in a wide range of subjects, including painting, crafts, history, folklore, and archaeology, focusing on art and culture from Japan and around the world, as well as on ancient civilizations.

General Exhibition

Kyoto art works and culture

Introducing the art and culture of Kyoto
This section looks at the fascination of Kyoto with display of local artworks arranged according to interesting themes.

Exhibition of Gion Festival

2024.6.5(Wed) 〜 8.4(Sun)


Kuni Imperial Palace: One of the Capitals of Japan in the Nara Period
- from the latest excavation results

2024.6.8(Sat) 〜 7.28(Sun)


Film Theatre

The theater shows visual culture items, introducing classic films owned by Kyoto Prefecture and special features centering around famous films. You will enjoy watching these famous productions in the fine surroundings geared to heighten your appreciation.

Fever! The Age of CHANBARA STARS - Revival of the Legendary Six Sword Masters

2024.7.2(Tue) 〜 7.31(Wed)

The third floor

Special Screening for the Gion Festival

2024.7.16(Tue) 〜 7.24(Wed)

The third floor