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Kyotanzan Sake


A showroom for “Tanzan Shuzo”, a sake brewery in Kameoka, located on the upper reaches of the Hozu River, which runs through the western side of Kyoto. Tanzan Shuzo brews tasty sake in the land with the pure water and rich soil, both of which are blessings for growing rice and obtaining water necessary for the sake brewing method that has been cultivated by the oral tradition. Enjoy the traditional taste of the sake brewery that has consistently maintained the handmade process and careful brewing technique.

・Roji Tempo, 1st floor, Main Hall
・Business Hours: 10am to 5pm (for the time being)
・Official Site:


“Nagisa” was named after one of the few female head sake brewers of the same name.

Dai Ginjo (Top-quality)

Using only the white rice with a polishing rate of 60% or less, malted rice and water, and this refined sake was brewed using a special method. The flavor of the rice is directly expressed, creating a smooth and full-bodied taste.

Junmai Ginjo (High-quality)

Refined sake brewed using only the white rice with a polishing rate of 60% or less, malted rice and water. It is fermented at a low temperature to bring out soft fragrance and deep flavor. Smooth quality.


Tanzan “Kiwami”

Carefully brewed with Yamadanishiki, the ideal rice for sake brewing, and milled to the utmost limit, this sake lets you enjoy a full-bodied taste within a rich and full fragrance. It is a Dai Ginjo class sake made using the Tobindori (natural extraction) method.

▲Tanzan “Kiwami” [720ml]


It is a low-alcohol sake with flowery aroma and a fruity, wine-like taste. Its smooth taste is recommended for those who think they haven’t met the right sake.

▲Bonki [500ml]