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Paper has been quietly used to transcribe the spirit and forms of Japan for the past fifteen hundred years, sometimes deeply involved in our culture and daily life. The charm of paper lies in the subtle sense of comfort it conveys, which permeates into every fold of our hearts. This tiny museum of paper “Rakushikan” was founded with the wish that as many people as possible could witness and experience of its charm.

・Roji Tempo, 1st floor, Main Hall
・Business hours: 11:00a.m.- 5:00p.m.
・Closed: Monday, Tuesday
・Official Site:

Bringing richness to life

Rakushikan wishes to be not only a shop that exhibits and sells paper, but also a place where like-minded people can meet, share the joy, and enrich lives of people through the paper culture. The most recommended in the shop is the series of original products with The Tale of Genji motifs.

Recommended Items

”The Tale of Genji” series

Small notepads, pocket paper, and kimono storage paper with designs inspired by The Tale of Genji, the most popular and oldest novel from the Heian period.

Ohcho Spliced Paper Series

The once declining paper splicing technique of Heian women has been revived today. Enjoy the world of elegant and modern paper splicing.

Sounds of Kyoto

Small notepads with motifs of old Japanese court music instruments. You can almost hear the melody of flute and koto…

Colors of Japan Origami

The warm texture of the Washi Origami can be felt when folding. Unique selection of tasteful colors is very popular.