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Kurochiku Co., Ltd. Museum Store


Kurochiku offers a selection of goods such as crape goods, tenugui hand towels, modern tabi socks and furoshiki wrapping cloths that would add colors and inspiration to our daily lives. Enjoy the Japanese arts and crafts created in the environment of Kyoto.

  • Located inside the Annex Hall
  • Business Hours: 10am to 6pm (for the time being)

Recommended Goods

Hanagatami series

“Hanagatami” is the old word for a flower basket and was used to store picked flowers. Each of the adorable and cute items is decorated with images of carefully picked and collected flowers.

Tabi Socks

Socks with split toes, shaped like traditional Japanese tabi shoes. These can bring comfort to your feet as a daily wear both outside and inside your home.

Oshare Tenugui Towel

These tenugui towels are made with a combination of gauze and pile fabric to create an appealing texture similar to silk floss. They add subtle joy to our daily lives.