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Museum Policy

For Eating and Drinking

There is no space on the premises for the consumption of food and drink brought in from outside. Please use the restaurants inside.

Taking Photographs

  • ・No photography is permitted inside the exhibition halls.
  • ・Photos for personal use is permitted only on the 1st floor of the Main Hall and in the Annex, except for when special events are held in the Annex Hall.

Use of Cellphones and Smartphones

  • ・Please refrain from taking photos, recording videos, and talking on the phone inside exhibition halls.
  • ・The use of research and translation apps related to the exhibition is permitted on the 2nd floor General Exhibition Hall. The permission standard may be different for special exhibitions. Please refer to the respective website.

Regarding Umbrellas

Umbrellas and other long objects are not allowed in the exhibition halls. Please leave your umbrellas at the umbrella stands. Folding umbrellas should be placed in your bag. Other long objects can be checked in at the reception desk on the 1st floor.

Taking Notes (Use of Pens)

Visitors are free to take notes as they wish. However, only pencils are allowed for writing inside exhibition halls. Fountain pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils and other tools that may damage the exhibits or the exhibition space itself are not permitted.