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Requests to Visitors

Please bring and wear a mask. If you do not wear a mask, please refrain from entering the museum.

Please refrain from visiting if you are with suspected COVID-19 infection or symptoms, such as fever or cough.

Please use hand-sanitizer gel to disinfect your hands at the entrance.

Your temperature will be measured at the main entrance. If you are confirmed to have a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, you will be refused admission.

Please fill in your name, contact information, and visit date and time at the entrance. The personal information collected here will be used only for contact tracing in the case of COVID-19 infection.

Please tear the stub of ticket by yourself at the entrance of gallery.

Please do not touch he works on view, display cases, walls, or any other objects in the galleries.

Our staff use of masks, gloves, face shields, etc.

Special Exhibition

Exhibition “Maiko Beauty”

▲林司馬 牡丹
▲林司馬 牡丹
■ Period: Oct 6,2020 (Tue) - Nov 29,2020 (Sun)
■ Venue: The fourth and the third floors


Kyoto art works and culture

Introducing the art and culture of Kyoto
This section looks at the fascination of Kyoto with display of local artworks arranged according to interesting themes.

- The Sanjo-Mikuracho Archives - THE POWER OF KYOTO CITIZEN

▲請証文(大坂方親類改につき) 慶長20年(1615)5月13日
■ Period: Sep 5,2020 (Sat) - Nov 1,2020 (Sun)
■ Venue: The second floor

Discover the Historical Legacy of Schools in Kyoto

▲京一中地歴同好会の収集した各地の案内  京都府立鴨沂高等学校蔵
■ Period: Sep 19,2020 (Sat) - Dec 6,2020 (Sun)
■ Venue: The second floor

Isaku Nakagawa and The World of Namban Ceramics - In Love with Okinawa -

■ Period: Oct 24,2020 (Sat) - Dec 6,2020 (Sun)
■ Venue: The second floor

Kyoto festival

Displays of the festivals in Kyoto
We introduce festivals characteristic of Kyoto, focusing specially on the Gion Festival, an inheritance that has been passed down and celebrated since the 8th century. The exhibition contains a large variety of materials centering around a number of famous works that have been handed down in Yamahokocho town.


In the third floor exhibition gallery, we introduce works of arts and crafts in the possession of Kyoto Prefecture and other excellent works related to Kyoto.

Kyoto history

Introducing 1200 years of history
In this section, we introduce the outline of Kyoto, the historical city, in various eras from the 8th century to the 20th century.

Film Theater

The theater shows visual culture items, introducing classic films owned by Kyoto Prefecture and special features centering around famous films. You will enjoy watching these famous productions in the fine surroundings geared to heighten your appreciation.

■ Period: Oct 20,2020 (Tue) - Nov 14,2020 (Sat)
■ Venue: The third floor

The 12th Kyoto Historica International Film Festival

■ Period: Oct 31,2020 (Sat) - Nov 8,2020 (Sun)
■ Venue: The third floor

Hideko Takamine Retrospective

■ Period: Nov 17,2020 (Tue) - Dec 26,2020 (Sat)
■ Venue: The third floor

100 Jahre Bauhaus Film Festival

■ Period: Nov 21,2020 (Sat) - Nov 23,2020 (Mon)
■ Venue: The third floor

Machinaka Eiga-sai

■ Period: Nov 28,2020 (Sat) - Nov 29,2020 (Sun)
■ Venue: The third floor
3day free pass